Spanish Classes


Teaching, both inside and outside of the kitchen, is one of my great passions. Yes, in addition to running cooking classes with my family, I am a certified Spanish Teacher offering Private Lessons in person and online!

I have taught for years in the Premier Language Schools in Oaxaca and have had the opportunity to teach private Spanish Lessons in the City.

Qualifications & Experience:


I hold a Certificate in Foreign Language Instruction from UABJO (University Autonomous Benito Juarez Oaxaca) as well as a TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) and a certification from Cambridge Assessment English. I previously worked as a language instructor at Oaxaca Spanish Immerson school, Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, and Becari Spanish School 


My Approach:


I aim to strengthen my students’ language and conversation skills by building their confidence and offering practical Spanish vocabulary for everyday situations. Together, we’ll dive into Mexican Culture through language, learning typical Mexican expressions and even some jokes! I encourage my students to work at a pace that suits them: Poco a Poco, making each lesson conversational and playful.


For Students in Oaxaca: Enjoy interactive and dynamic lessons while walking the streets of Oaxaca! Explore the History, Culture, and food while building your vocabulary and improving your Spanish Conversation. 


For Students taking online Spanish lessons: Even if you can’t get to Oaxaca, you can learn and practice Spanish from the comfort of your own home! Online Classes are offered via Zoom. 


To set up weekly lessons, please contact me!


Contact information:
By email: [email protected]
By WhatsApp : (+52) 951 204 39 92