Experience Oaxacan Cuisine the best way possible...

with a Local Oaxacan Family!



My name is Alfonso. My love for Mexican food began cooking with my parents, grand mom and cocineras tradicionales (traditional cooks, usually women) from my hometown when I was a young child. I studied in a culinary school in Oaxaca city and have a bachelor degree in teaching Spanish and English language. My curiosity, enthusiasm and experience in cooking Mexican food drove me to open our cooking school at home with my parents in 2015. 


They have taught and shown me many techniques of cooking traditional Oaxacan food and I have got more experience in Mexican cuisine from past employment in different restaurants across the city, especially in Oaxacan cuisine. 


The best way to learn about traditional Oaxacan Cuisine is to experience it! Que Rico es Oaxaca is an interactive cooking workshop that offers a fun and exciting way to learn traditional Mexican culinary techniques while also enjoying the richest ingredients Oaxaca has to offer.


Oaxacan cuisine is well known for its unique, warm flavors and foods. And Mexicans are known for their rich culture, timeless traditions, and friendliness. We can’t wait to share our kitchen and our heritage with you during your special visit in Oaxaca.